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VoveBox Website Terms and Conditions
Thank you for visiting this website. Please read the terms and conditions in this document carefully as you have accepted the terms and conditions that you have used this website in any way.
On this site, "we", "our," Vovebox "and" Vovebox group "describes one of the connected companies according to VoveBox and the binding. "You" tells people that provide and / or uses access to this website.

Website Privacy Alert

All personal information or materials forwarded to this website are subject to the Privacy Alert on this website.
Accuracy, Complimentary and Update of Information
Although we show all reasonable efforts to be accurate and complete on this website, we cannot be responsible for the accurate or complete information on this website. It belongs to your responsibility to trust the material on this website. You agree that you are responsible for the responsibility to follow all types of changes in the information in the material and the information on this website.

All types of correspondence or data, questions, comments, etc. that you transfer electronic mail or other means to this website. The material will be considered secret and not registered. Everything you transfer or publish is the property of the Vovebox Group and can be used for any purpose without being limited to reproducing, public opening, transfer, publishing and declaration. In addition, the VoveBox group is free to use any idea of ​​all types of idea, graphic artwork, invention, development, recommendation or concept (product development, production, advertising and marketing) in any correspondence in any correspondence that you send to this website. The usage information does not give the right to compensation to the submission side. You guarantee that you are the owner of the material / content you present by sending the information, whether they are deformed and the use of VoveBox Group will not violate the rights of any third person or the violation of the applicable laws. The VoveBox group is not obliged to use the information sent.

Intellectual Property Rights
All copyrights, trademarks, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of all types of text, pictures and other materials on this website belong to the VoveBox Group or is included in the site with the permission of the respective owner.
You can navigate this website and replicate the quotations to print or download to a hard disk or for the purpose of forwarding to other individuals. This can only breach only no copyright or patent notification and can be made provided that the following trademark is displayed above such duplications. Nothing reproduced from this website can be sold or distributed for commercial earnings, cannot be changed, and can not be included in any other kind of work, publication or website.
® VoveBox Rafa is a trademark of Rafa Ark. All rights reserved.
The trademarks, logos, characters and service brands on this website (collectively) are part of the ® VoveBox Rafet Arik, which is part of the Vovebox Group. Nothing on this website can be interpreted as given the license or the right to use any trademark on the site. It is strictly forbidden to use / abuse trademarks or other content on this website, excluding the situations specified in this Terms and Conditions. In addition, the intellectual property rights of the Vovebox Group will be clearly declared here to protect the laws in serious situations until the end of the law.

Links to other websites
The links on the VoveBox group websites can guide you out of the VoveBox group network. Vovebox Group The content of these other websites does not accept any responsibility of the correctness of the information or the function of these sites. The connections are given in good faith and the VoveBox group cannot be held responsible for any changes in other websites we link. Connecting to other websites does not mean that these sites are supported by the VoveBox group. We recommend that all other websites you visit are aware of the legal and privacy statements and read them with carefully.

Warranties and waivers
You can use this website to belong to your responsibility.

This website is provided on your side as "and" as long as it is "and therefore Vovebox group is complete, accurate, reliable, current, up-to-date and not violated the rights of third parties in this website; that access to this website will be uninterrupted or error-free; This website will be safe; Any suggestion of any suggestions taken from the VoveBox Group or as accurate or reliable to the opinion of the Canaat, including the guarantees and statements, including open, implied, legal or (including accomplished guarantees for commercial purposes of commercial purposes), including accurate or reliable. It is not guaranteed and every type of statement and guarantee in this reason is denied in this document.
Please note that specific jurisdictions may not accept the exclusion of implied guarantees, so that this exception may not apply to you. Please check local laws.
We reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate this website or to any feature of the site or any feature or part of the site without notice at any time.

Any other party in creating or distributing the Vovebox group and / or in this website, any other parties that are employed in the production or distribution of this website, from using the site from using the site, or from any other website you have access to the content of the website, or from a link on this website, or from a link on this website. We do not accept any obligation or responsibility for any damage, cost, loss or compensation that requires direct, fault, indirect or punishment due to the electronic mail messages you have sent to us.
Any side of the VoveBox Group and / or in the creation of this website has no responsibility to maintain or remove materials and services provided on this website on this website. All types of materials provided on this website can be changed without prior notice.
In addition, the Vovebox group is not responsible for the losses that can be experienced due to viruses that can be transmitted to your computer hardware or any other goods due to you to use or download this content on this website. If you decide to download any material from this website, it belongs to your responsibility.
You are clearly waiver from all your rights to use this website to the extent permitted by the law or to provide access to this website.

Prohibited Activities
It is forbidden that you can think that the VoveBox Group may consider and / or illegally illegal or illegally prohibited by laws for this website, including the following, including the following, including:
· All kinds of action that is involved in the confirmation of confidentiality (in the confirmation of the relevant person without the confirmation of the relevant information) or to constitute the violation of other legal rights of people;
· Using this Web site to make any other action that will be insulted and defamated to the Vovebox Group, employees or other people or to stain the reputation of the VoveBox Group;
· Loading files that contain viruses that may damage the vovebox group or other people's property and
· Sending or transmitting or transmitting any unauthorized materials that cause discomfort or damage to this website, but not to limit the following, or violating the system or network security of the VoveBox group or third party.
Jurisdiction and the current law
The VoveBox Group does not have a statement that the materials and information on this website are appropriate or available in all national positions or languages.
Your partner and the Vovebox group shall be agreed that all types of conflicts or case related to the use of this website is subject to Swiss law and the Swiss Courts will be delivered to the exclusive jurisdiction.

Legal Notice Update
We reserve the right to make any changes and corrections in this notice. Please refer to this page in various times to examine these changes and corrections and new additional information.
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