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There is absolutely absolutely no order cancellation, return and / or refund in customized products. With your order confirmation, this process begins and you are accepted.

Distance Sales Agreement
Sales contract
Article 1- Parties
1.1- Seller
Phone: 0 (532) 454 54 29
1.2 -atic
Name / Surname / Title:
Phone :
Article 2- Topic
The subject of this Agreement is the Law and Distance contracts on the protection of consumers 6502 in relation to the sale and submission of the product in Electronics at the electronic area of ​​the Buyer's Seller The application is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on the principles and procedures.
Article 3- Product subject to the contract
The genus and type of products are as the amount, brand / model, color, the sales price is as mentioned above.
Payment method :
Delivery address :
The person to be delivered:
Billing address :
Shipping cost :
Article 4- General Provisions
4.1- The receiver declares that the seller of the Seller's is the basic qualities of the contract, the basic qualifications of the product, sales price and payment of the payment of the product, and declares the necessary confirmation in electronic environment.
4.2- The product is delivered to the person / organization at the time of the receiver or the next information within the time of the recruitment, depending on the time of the receiver for each product, due to the condition of not exceeding the legal 30-day period.
4.3- If the product subject is to be delivered to another person / organization other than the receiver, the seller cannot be held responsible for the person / organization to be delivered to be delivered.
4.4- The seller is responsible for delivering the product of the contract, in accordance with the quality of the product, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order and if applicable to the guarantee documents and user guides.
4.5- For the delivery of the contract, the signed copy of this Agreement has been delivered to the Seller and the price is paid with the buyer's preferred payment method. If for any reason, the product price is not paid or canceled in bank records, the seller is considered saved from the delivery liability of the product.
4. If the credit card of the buyer is not caused by the buyer's defect of the buyer, in contrast to unauthorized or unlawful use of the Bank or Finance Organization, if the product price is delivered to the seller, provided the buyer is delivered to the seller. It is imperative to be sent to the seller within 3 days. In this case, shipping expenses belong to the Buyer.
4.7- If the seller obstructed force majeure or transport, the air opposition is liable to report the status to the buyer, if the contract is caused by extraordinary situations such as cutting of transportation. In this case, the recipient may use one of the rights to cancel the order, if the contract subject is if the product subject is canceled, and / or the delivery time is delayed until the preventive status disappear. The amount he paid if the buyer is canceled the order is paid to itself in 10 days of cash and defeat.
4.8- The faulty or corrupted products of or non-products that are sold with or without the warranty certificate can be sent to the seller to make the necessary repair within the warranty terms, so shipping expenses will be covered by the seller.
4.9- This Agreement gains validity after the buyer is signed by the receiver and delivered to the seller by fax or postal path.

Article 5- Right to CLAIM
The buyer has the right to CLAIM in 7 days from the delivery of the contract subject to the repel to the person / organization in which it shows it. In this time to use the right to Cayma, it is imperative to be notified to the Seller with fax, e-mail or phone and not used within the framework of Article 6 of the product. If this entitlement is used, the product delivered to the Person or Buyer is sent to the Seller, the invoice is required to return the bill of billing. The product cost is returned to the buyer within 7 days following these documents. If the invoice is not sent, the VAT and other legal obligations if available are not returnable. The cargo cost of the product returned by the right of CLAIM is covered by the receiver.

Article 6- Right to Cayma
In accordance with the law of consumers numbered 6502, the law on the protection of consumers cannot be returned, or the products that are customized on the recipient's request, or added to the person, which is customized, or added to the person.
Article 7- General Provisions
People under 7.1- 18 are unable to buy from the seller.
7.2- The seller is not responsible for the price wrongdoes consisting of string and system errors
Article 8- Authorized Court
In the implementation of this Agreement, the consumer courts with consumer referee regulations to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade are authorized to consumer courts in the recipient or the seller's settlement.
In case the order takes place, the buyer has agreed to all the conditions of this Agreement.