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Stony figure ring

Stony figure ring

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Stony figure ring

When the stony figure ring is greeting, when writing, while using the article, it is designed to reveal the elegance of the beautiful women who want to dazzle the dancing of their fingers in every hour of the daily. The stony figure is produced special to the ring person.

To whom is the gift?

The stony figure ring is a suitable gift to the mee, valentine, mother in the year acres.
The birthday is suitable for gifts on special days like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Teachers' Day. And to self-space ..

Properties of the product

  • Stone figure ring, 925 stroller is silver.
  • If you have a privatization request outside the existing or optional state of the product, you can forward your requests in the basket section "Notes to be forwarded to the seller".
  • For your pre-order questions, whatsapp 0532 454 54 can contact us from the phone or send messages through the site.
  • For your different font preference, you can send us the font file or the font link over whatsapp.
  • Production time is 3-4 working days. Will ship the first work day following.
  • Stony figure ring, letter ring, | Vovebox | Silver from silver |


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