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Monogram bracelet

Monogram bracelet

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What is the monogram?

  • The pattern of a name is called a number of letters or initials, called monogram.

What is the monogram bracelet?

  • We get a symbolic form by sitting in the letters, oval or circle. The letters are harmonious in a retro look, they stand close to each other, just like your special people that make you feel close to your history. We have designed the monogram bracelet to show this proximity.
  • The monogram bracelet is produced private.
  • The monogram bracelet is a 925 sterling silver.
  • The product is suitable for the lady.
  • The monogram bracelet is a nice product to make your gift preferences easier. You can get your partner on special days to your mother. Our female customers can choose the product for themselves.
  • Mother's Day is a suitable gift for Valentine's Day, birthday.
  • If you have a privatization demand outside the current or optional state of the product, you can forward your requests in the basket section "Notes to be forwarded to the seller". According to the status of your request, we reserve the right to claim additional charges.
  • For your pre-order questions whatsapp 0532 454 54 29 No LU can contact us or send messages through the site.
  • For your different font preference, you can send us the font file or the font link over whatsapp.
  • Production time is 3-4 working days. Will ship the first work day following.
  • Monogram bracelet | Vovebox | Silver from silver
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