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Family necklace, together with family necklace

Family necklace, together with family necklace

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Family necklace

  • The family necklace is produced specially.
  • For your single or two color preferences, you can write your wishes from the "Notes to be forwarded to the seller" section.
  • The product is 925 sterling silver.
  • The coloring is done with the rodage technique. Throwing in the shell, don't deform!

What is family necklace?

  • The family necklace must define the family first to describe. Mother, father and their children are called family to the smallest unit of society. As every individual's parents may have children. This also shows the width of your family. This width can increase or decrease in time. While some things live in your memories, you live some things with what you love. To keep memories alive or you need a symbol to show that you value your loved ones. We have designed this symbol for you and say "We are family necklace together". What is family necklace? The family necklace is a symbolic jewelry designed to transfer the memories alive or to transfer the spiritual feelings you feel against your loved ones.
  • Our family necklace models are the most preferred within. Union and Town represents family ties. Silver family necklace, mothers day gift, perfect choice for.
  • The family necklace is designed to represent the association.
  • The family necklace named, the names of family members, such as birth dates, such as birth dates can be engraving.
  • Mother's Day gift, if you buy, you will have made your mother and other members of the family.
  • What can I get the Mother's Day gift, he didn't need to think. Because you have found the perfect gift.
  • If you have a privatization demand outside of the existing or bounds of the product, you can forward your requests in our hotel in the basket section "Notes to be forwarded to the seller" in our hotel in the basket section.
  • 0532 454 54 can contact us from the phone or send messages through the site.
  • For your different font preference, you can send us the font dictionary or font link through whatsapp.
  • Production time is 3-4 working days. Will ship the first work day following.
  • Together with family necklace, family necklace, | Vovebox | Silver from silver |
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