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Is silver dark?

The answer to this question is about the nature of silver.
To answer this question, first to ask the question.

Why is silver dark?
By reacting with sulfur, sulfate and hydrogen in the air, it is oxidized.
For this reason, silver is by nature.


VoveBox what is the silvers doing to avoid dark?


  1. To prevent darkness, we color with the rodage technique to pass away.
  2. This is all silver color, gold color and rose color jewelry.
  3. Coloring with the rodage technique provides a protective surface on the silver.
  4. This protective surface is not peeled in the form of shell, not deformable! Only depending on the time and the silver returns to its color.
  5. With adequate equipment, any jeweler workshop can return the product into the first day by renewing this process.


Vovebox, Silver, how should I use it?

  • Perfume, cream, chlorax etc. You must be protected from chemicals.
  • To protect the product from the sweat, pass through water and let it dry quickly!
  • Sports such as sports will be sweating in activities, let them dry quickly and keep it dry in a dry place!
  • Take care to continuously use the products. After the sea or after everyday activities you get on you in the shower.
  • Do not leave in contact with salt water. Let it dry quickly after the shower.
  • As a method to ensure it quickly dry, put it in the paper handkerchief and the wetness
  • Get. Do not leave the products within the moistened wipes. Put a dry second paper wipe or hold it to the drying machine if possible!
  • Don't delete the glasses glass to dry!
  • Keep in dry environments when you don't use it!

Three things you need to protect the product are chemicals, heavy sweat and moisture!

  • If you are not going to use the product for a long time, keep it in a box, in a box, in a box.
  • In the box there is no box sponge that can attract moisture.
  • You can put moisture attractive silicogels out of the box.
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