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Necklace Named Name Necklace Models?


Necklace named is the uncertain of classic but old jewelry models. It is manufactured by cutting as gold or silver plate using different writing characters. The named necklace, which is cut in silver, the golden named necklace, is called gold name necklaces. Necklace named using different alphabets, can be produced. For example, the necklaces called Arabic alphabet are called necklaces called Arabic.


Name necklace, to whom is it gifted?


Necklace, Mother's Day gift, as mother, Valentine's Day gift, as girlfriend, wife, valentine gift, birthday gift, as gifts, gifts gift, teachers as gifts, teachers can be gifted as a gift.


To Buy Name Necklace:


You can buy necklaces from VoveBox.com online. Before you add the product you like to the cart, you must specify your engraving preference, ie the name, chain length and color preference to be overwritten. If you have different alphabets and font preferences, you can write your requests to the seller in the Basket section. Then switch to the payment page, fill in the cargo information and select the process by selecting the payment method.


Name Necklace, 2 Necklaces, Necklace, 3 Necklace, 4 Named Necklaces, 5 Necklaces, such as Necklaces, such as multiple names, can also buy online name necklaces.


Name necklace, although it is used in high technology during its production, hand labor is still used at an important level. As the product can be made with font with computerized drawing,

can also be produced with your handwriting. We can be found in your handwriting, named necklace recommendations. We can manually produce products from personalized images, as your signature and signature.


Special gift, engraving, named, necklace, necklaces, special production

  • Necklace named is classic, personally produced.
  • The product is 925 sterling silver.
  • Necklace is classic, always fashionable and always classic, is indispensable.
  • If you have a privatization request other than the existing conditions of the product, you can forward your requests in the basket section "Notes to be forwarded to the seller" section.
  • 0532 454 54 can contact us from the phone or send messages through the site.
  • You can send us the font name or link to us for your different font preference via whatsapp.
  • Production time is 3-4 working days. Will ship the first work day following.
  • Necklace, Name Necklace Models | Vovebox | Silver from silver
  • Necklace named Classic, according to your name, you are produced special to you. Necklace Named Necklace, Necklace, Necklace, 4 Necklaces, Three Necklaces, Four Necklaces, Gift Necklace Necklace

Musteri Değerlendirmeleri

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Domestic transportation

The standard shipment service between domestic sales of domestic cargo is the international shipping service in the city and intercity and intercity of the addresses every day to the external 600 km to the external 600 km to the external 600 km, is provided as 2 employees in 600 km away. In addition to the transportation service, the receipt of the cargo is available in the address of the cargo to the address, insuring the product within certain conditions, including packaging service and information service, various additional services can be presented with transport service.


Cargoes carried within certain conditions are against losses and damages that may happen during transport DOMESTIC Are compensated by cargo assurance.


Shipping Delivery to Address 
Your cargos are delivered by our couriers at the invoice on the invoice to the identity submission. In the case of the absence of the receiver at the address, the notice note that we brought cargo to the address is left and the cargo is returned to the branch. The cargo branched to the branch should be delivered by the buyer to our branch within 3 working days. Otherwise, it is returned to the cargo outlet branch within the information of the shipper.

Cargo delivery at branch 
Your shipping will be sent to the nearest branch upon request when the sender is shipped. You can go to our branches and deliver your cargo by submitting your identity.

When the sender is shipped, the cargo receiver is aware of the cargo submission and the cargo sender can be sent to the branch when our branches of our branches are not required to make any notifications. You can go to our branches and deliver your cargo by submitting your identity. The cargo-free cargoes are returned to the exit branch within the information of the shipper within 3 employees.

Delivery with telephone 
Your shipping will be sent to the nearest branch upon request when the sender is shipped. The receiving phone number from the sender is searched for the information that the cargo reaches our branch. You can go to our branches after informational and deliver your cargo by submitting your identity.

Cash Collection Shipment 
It is our service to which the sold product is collected at the door.
But because of people who do not order " Pay at the door " the option has been canceled.

Shipment with Credit Card

It is our service to which the sold product is collected by credit card at the door.

Some services may vary depending on the shipping company you selected.

But because of people who do not order "Pay by credit card at the door" the option has been canceled.

How to take finger measure?

  1. If you don't know your finger size, take a piece of paper in strips to your hand.
  2. Ribbon paper You can get it from here!  Take the A4 e 1E1 output of the PDF file by strip paper size and cut the strip.
  3. The paper strip is only disconnected from the boundaries of the zero writer with a falcata.
  4. Make the arrow end of the ribbon from the cut area of ​​the zero, make the ring and tighten the measure where you need to measure.
  5. These values ​​will give you the length of the circumference of your finger.
  6. 053254545429 Whatsapp is suitable for you to throw photos when you get a Olcu. This is necessary for us to correctly direct you.
  7. Write the measure that corresponds to the environmental value from the measurement scale in the order form.
  • 07 No Jewelry Size | 15.0 mm diameter | 47 mm surroundings |
  • 08 No Jewelry Size | 15.3 mm diameter | 48 mm surroundings |
  • 09 No Jewelry Size | 15.6 mm diameter | 49 mm surroundings |
  • 10 No Jewelry Size | 16.0 mm diameter | 50 mm surroundings |
  • 11 No Jewelry Size | 16.3 mm diameter | 51 mm surroundings |
  • 12 No Jewelry Size | 16.6 mm diameter | 52 mm in the surroundings |
  • 13 No Jewelry Size | 17.0 mm diameter | 53 mm perimeter |
  • 14 No Jewelry Size | 17.3 mm diameter | 54 mm perimeter |
  • 15 No Jewelry Size | 17.6 mm diameter | 55 mm surroundings |
  • 16 no jewelry size | 18.0 mm diameter | 56 mm surroundings |
  • 17 No Jewelery Size | 18.3 mm diameter | 57 mm surroundings |
  • 18 no jewelry measure | 18.6 mm diameter | 58 mm surroundings |
  • 19 No Jewelry Size | 19.0 mm diameter | 59 mm surroundings |
  • 20 no jewelery size | 19.3 mm diameter | 60 mm surroundings |
  • 21 No Jewelry Size | 19.5 mm diameter | 61 mm surroundings |
  • 22 no jewelry size | 19.8 mm diameter | 62 mm surroundings |
  • 23 No Jewelry Size | 20.0 mm diameter | 63 mm surroundings |
  • 24 No Jewelery Size | 20.4 mm diameter | 64 mm surroundings |
  • 25 no jewelry size | 20.7 mm diameter | 65 mm surroundings |
  • 26 no jewelry size | 21.0 mm diameter | 66 mm surroundings |
  • 27 No Jewelry Size | 21.4 mm diameter | 67 mm surroundings |
  • 28 no jewelry size | 21.7 mm diameter | 68 mm surroundings |
  • 29 No Jewelry Size | 22.0 mm diameter | 69 mm surroundings |
  • 30 No Jewelry Size | 23.0 mm diameter | 70 mm surroundings |




The image shown as representation of chain length in height has been shared below. You can choose the size you want to use according to this template.

Our chain heights.

  • 35 + 3 cm You can use this preference between 35 and 38 cm.
  • 42 + 3 cmYou can use this preference between 42 and 45 cm.
  • 55 + 3 cmYou can use this preference between 55 and 58 cm.
  • +3 CM Extensions If you want more, you are required to report in writing in the "Seller" section during the order.
  • Especially if you have a measure you want, for example, like 50 cm, please alsoYou need to report in writing in the "Note" section during the order.


Chain length

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